Sunday, May 29, 2011

Game of Thrones, episode 7...

Just watched Game of Thrones episode 7.... To begin with, since I haven't posted on this topic before: I'm amazed that a series of books I started reading nearly 10 years ago have comes to the 'small' screen. When I heard it was being done by HBO, I signed up not to longer afterwards, just because they were doing this.  They are devoting nearly 10 hours of screen time to a single book. Thats longer than all of the Lord of Rings movies. (well, maybe not the extended versions). So far, its pretty well done. They are taking some liberty with the story, but I think in reasonable ways. The overall story line is the same.

A few annoying things though. It seems that they are getting into a habit of not introducing characters with names. For example,  in the very first episode, they didn't give Theon a name. Now its up to Bronn and Osha not having names, even though they all have a part to play. They aren't major characters, but they are having involved with some of the major characters.  I wonder if the directors are assuming that everyone will have someone who's read the book to explain whats going on..

Fav characters: Arya, Tyrion: They picked the right people for them.

Least Fav: Littlefinger. (Pietr Baelish) I know the game he's playing, and this portrayal isn't quite what I pictured. Its almost like he's forced to make his little quips.

Most of the others are pretty good.. Ned Stark is good, well played. Jon Snow is really good too.

Too much screen time: Theon, Theon, Theon... He's annoying, he's supposed to be. But I think they are pushing it.. I know why they are, but it doesn't have to be pushed THAT much.

Anyways. I do know whats coming (winter), and I'll try not to give away anything to those who havent read the books. If you're realllllly that curious, I'm sure you find a website where you can find the answers you are looking for.

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  1. I just watched all 7 episodes yesterday. Having only read the first 2 books, and more than 10 years ago at that, I'm finding some plot points coming back to me, but really It's like experiencing it for the first time. I think it's pretty righteous through and through. I do agree that Theon is annoying as hell...